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Equipment you might need - Chelmsford and Maldon Marquees

Often, CAMM are required to provide not just the marquees, but also the many items it takes to have an event.


Once a marquee is set up, a floor is essential to finish the event. Chelmsford & Maldon marquees supply a variety of floors.

Plywood floors are often used if the site of the event is uneven or liable to flooding. Plywood flooring will follow the contours of the land and keep you feet dry and keep the ground underneath your feet sturdy and dry.

Matting: Matting is an economical option that is woven and designed for use at bars and high traffic areas. Matting is durable and simple floor covering.

Carpet: Carpet comes in a variety of colours & is hard wearing. Carpet is a suitable flooring for surface tents.

Heavy duty carpet: Heavy duty carpet has a rubber backing that ensures that the heavy carpet is waterproof and ensures an excellent feel of quality with its thickness.

Interlocking floors: Chelmsford and Maldon Marquees supply an interlocking floor that is reinforced by the laying mechanism and is excellent at taking out divvets, where a standard wood floor would not cope.

Sub flooring: Subflooring is a wooden floor that ply-laid on bearers, which is suitable for very uneven floors.

Parquet floors: Parquet floors are suitable for dance floors which can be made to any size, width or breadth. Parquet floors from CAMM are trimmed with metal ramps to ensure there are no accidents.


Antique brass chandelier: Our Brass chandeliers are 12 arm candle bulb holding chandeliers. Often these will be wired into the marquee with a dimmer switch, creating mood lighting.

Hidden lighting: Veiled lighting under valences and swags, hidden lights provide seemingly integrated light sources into the marquee.

Colour wash: Colour wash or colour changing lights can illuminate a marquee to create a flowing colour scheme to match your event.

Lanterns: Lanterns are very popular for the contemporary look, lanterns can come in all colours and lend themselves to a polished elegance.

Festoon lighting: Festoon are golfball sized lights, they can be placed in trees and in entrances of marquees and venues alike.

Pinspot lighting: Pinspot lighting can bring the attention of every single person at an event to bear upon the focal point - be it a new product, highlighting bouquets in table centres from above - pinspots are effective.

Parcan lights: Parcan lighting is often used to highlight a stage or entertainer and can be used to cast attention to a speaker.

flourescent tubes: usually used in service areas, flourescent tubes are economical when providing lighting to receptionists and wardrobe staff.

halogen lights Halogen lights are mainly used for floodlighting large areas inside & out of the marquee.

Pea lighting



Round tables: Round tables are the bread and butter of many events. Round tables come in various sizes and can seat upto 12 people and can be upto 6 foot wide.

Tressels: Tressel tables can be used as buffet tables, top tables where brides, grooms, bridesmaids and best men may sit. Tressels are often useful to signify importance at an event.

Poser tables: Primarily used near bars, poser tables allow people to put drinks down and stand at leisure. Poser tables create a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.

Coffee tables: Coffee tables are ideal partners for sofas.


White bistro chair: Bistro chairs are high backed chairs that are suprisingly comfortable and can be covered with seat pads of various colours

Wooden Banqueting chair Banqueting chairs are wooden and can be guilt, silver or white and have a fashionable flare about them.

chiavari chair: The chiavari chair can be finished with a natural look or a lime wash.

Foldable chairs Folding chairs are wonderful choice for the economical at heart and are reminiscent of hollywood film directors.


contract bar Contract bars are designed to be an economical drinks bar for rugby clubs and sporting gatherings.

leather padded bars Leather bars - come as black and padded, lending an aire of sophistication that only comes with leather.

stainless steel topped bars with downlighting Stainless steel topped bars are new for 2013

colour changing bars Chelmsford and Maldon marquees are proud to announce that drinks bars that can change their colour can be supplied.

Pea lighting

, power generators, toilet facilities, reception areas, venues, staff, DJ's, music, heating & air conditioning, water features, tables, chairs, cutlery, food, drinks, wood floors, Marquee lining, Staging.
and we can do so very cheaply - we can handle small events of less than 50 people to huge 1000 people plus events!