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10 steps to guarantee a good marquee

1. Make sure the marquee company you're using has their own portfolio and pictures.

Ask if the pictures you're being shown belong to the company. Because what you see may not be what you get.


2. Are you paying for a Marquee or a Gazebo?

Some people call and ask us if we can match the price of some other companies they have called. More often than not, we can. But ask yourself "Are you paying for a Marquee or a Gazebo?"

cross section of marquee leg

We suggest asking about the manufacturer of the marquee and searching online about them.
Chelmsford And Maldon Marquees always use Hoecker UK as their marquees always meet the fire, water and dust resistance and wind regulations.

Left: This is how a cross section of the marquee leg should look


3. Will a marquee company be contactable even DURING your event.

Marquee companies should always be contactable, even during your party or event.
If they are contactable, can a marquee company guarantee that they will be able to save the day when something goes wrong?

One thing with a quality company is that they are contactable. CAMM is not only contactable but are on call for emergencies and will endevour to make your party right.


4. Is the company and their workers insured?

Marquee companies are required to be insured by law, they should have PLI and ELI.

Credible, reliable companies will have both of these insurances. It's wise to ask for proof of these.


5. Is the company and representative pushing you and your event somewhere you don't want to be?

If the person you're seeing about your wedding, party or other event is rude, discourteous or tells you how to have your event - ALARM BELLS.


6. Do they have business premesis & do they have a brochure with pricelist.

Companies that invest in good well thought out brochures, pricelists are more likely to be genuine.

We recommend that you ask for these to be brought out to your site visit.


7. Do they provide free site visits, CAD drawings, marquee layout and quote?

Here at CAMM, we will provide all of these things. And our quote is also all inclusive.


8. What about hidden charges?

What you see on the quote is what you pay for. There are no extra charges and there are no hidden fees


9. What size marquee should I have?

Well that' is a very good question - it all depends on how many people you have, coming to your event.

Below - we have supplied our own size calculator to help you out. Even if you don't come to us - it' all part of the service.

How many people are expected to attend?

However: if you want the marquee in a garden or think there may be awkward steps - please call 01245 570 054


10. Is the company personal... friendly?

CAMM runs a full time office with Jean, Steve and Mike who are qualified in every aspect of all events.

This means that we're all able to help immediately and always know how to help.